Nemesis third form boss fight – Resident Evil 3

How to beat Nemesis third form when you fight it in the NEST 2 in Resident Evil 3.

The Nemesis third form boss fight in Resident Evil 3 takes place in the NEST 2. For this fight, although it’s often called the third form, Nemesis is exactly the same as it appears in the previous fight. The main difference with this encounter is that there are some more environmental mechanics.

Nemesis third form – NEST 2

The third fight against Nemesis, commonly referred to as the third form fight, takes place in NEST 2, down where research is liquefied using acid. This arena utilizes similar mechanics to the second encounter whereby you can knock Nemesis down using the grenade launcher or some electricity. Check out our handy video below of the full fight.

As for how you will want to defeat Nemesis, the main trick is to use the giant generators around the perimeter. Throughout the fight, Nemesis will hide behind a generator and Carlos will call out which one. Immediately shoot the two buttons on that generator to zap Nemesis, causing it to fall back into the arena.

Other than this one mechanic, you will need to do as you’ve done in previous fights: shoot Nemesis and dodge its attacks. The concept is simple, but executing can be difficult, especially when playing on harder difficulties where the margin of error is smaller.

Try to enter the fight with as many weapon upgrades as possible and as many grenade launcher rounds as you can hold.

Nemesis won’t be the only threat during this fight. Whenever Nemesis starts running around, zombies will start crawling into the arena. Quickly take them out by whatever means necessary so you don’t get surprised when focusing on Nemesis.

Once you defeat this third form Nemesis, you can continue on with your fight to secure the vaccine and escape Raccoon City. We’ve been hard at work cataloguing everything you need to know about the game in our Resident Evil guide. Here we’ve got collectible guides, weapon locations, and point-farming tips.

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