Netflix’s Video Game Documentary Series Is Out Now, And It’s Great

Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? A documentary about the video game industry called High Score is out now, and it’s really good.

High Score tells the story of the formative years of gaming. The limited series debuted on August 19, and GameSpot’s review said it’s the “most impressive video game documentary to date.”

There are six episodes, spanning 4.5 hours in total. The show begins in the ’70s and covers notable events through the early ’90s, exploring the stories of the games and people who made them. “The result is a crash course on the golden age of gaming filled with insightful interviews, brilliant writing, and most importantly, an inspiring and inclusive message,” GameSpot reviewer Steven Petite said in his review.

The series is narrated by none other than Mario voice actor Charles Martinet, and it’s directed by William Acks, France Costrel, and Sam LaCroix, all of whom worked on Showtime’s series about the dark web, Dark Net.

“All told, High Score is the most comprehensive video game documentary to date. It has a large scope but manages to tell intimate, relatable stories about people who fell in love with games and decided to dedicate themselves to what has become one of the most ubiquitous entertainment mediums in the world,” Petite said in GameSpot’s review.

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