Nevada approves esports betting for the first time

The landmark decision for Nevada allows for sports betting on games like CS:GO, with the first two matches in the ESL Proleague.

The state of Nevada has opted to approve sports bets for CS:GO in a monumental decision.

Operators were allowed to begin taking on esports beta for CD:GO, with William Hill, the first Vegas sports book to allow the bets, having released the odds for the first two eligible esports matches on Thursday.

This is a relatively new concept for gamers in the United States, but European gamers should know all about betting on various titles in tournaments around the world. This is the first official declaration for betting, but New Jersey had a test run all its own back during the 2019 League of Legends World Championship final – nothing ever came of it, though.

The two matches took place in the ESL Proleague, with the opening 100 Thieves team facing off against Swole Patrol. Then, North American Team Liquid headed out again Made in Brazil.

With this decision, if esports betting becomes more widespread, is it something you’d be interested in pursuing for the game of your choice? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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