New Apex Legends Update Fixes Loba Bug, Permanently Adds Mobile Respawn Beacons

With the conclusion of the Apex Legends Lost Treasures limited-time event, Respawn has released a new update for the battle royale game. Loba fans, rejoice! The update finally fixes the annoying problem with her tactical ability on World’s Edge.

For those who don’t main Loba, she’s had an issue with her tactical ability, Burglar’s Best Friend, on World’s Edge since the start of Lost Treasures. Loba’s tactical ability cancels out if you throw it out-of-bounds or off a ledge–which is helpful, as it prevents you from teleporting to your death. However, on World’s Edge, a bug was causing Loba’s tactical ability to detect normal areas as out-of-bounds, cancelling out Burglar’s Best Friend in places where it shouldn’t.

In a Twitter thread, Apex Legends design director Jason McCord explained how the bug came to be and assured players that a fix was already ready–it just needed to go through some testing first. That fix is now live, though Respawn adds that there “are still some known cases [the team is] continuing to work on.”

This update also adds a rather interesting wrinkle to Apex Legends, which will likely see new strategies form in the battle royale game. During Lost Treasures, Apex Legends saw the return of the limited-time mode Armed & Dangerous, though this time with mobile respawn beacons. These items allowed players to bring back fallen teammates from anywhere on the map as opposed to travelling to specific established respawn beacon locations. Though Lost Treasures is over, this new update permanently adds mobile respawn beacons to Trios, Duos, and Ranked playlists.

Don’t fret, the addition of mobile respawn beacons won’t see the existing beacons go away. They’ll still be there, but now your squad will have the option of carrying around an item that can be used to bring back fallen allies from anywhere–even the final few circles, which rarely have respawn beacons inside them.

Other than weapons, this is the second new item added to Apex Legends. The first, the Evo Shield, was also initially introduced in a limited-time mode before being permanently added to the regular playlists.

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