New Pirates Movie Might Reference Johnny Depp–If His Controversy Dies Down

This week marks the beginning of Johnny Depp’s libel trial in a London courtroom, fighting The Sun’s description of him as a “wife beater” in regards to his nasty and very public divorce with ex-wife Amber Heard. The whole case could be more trouble than it’s worth for Depp’s career, according to a THR report.

Through the libel case, Depp aims to prove that he was never violent towards Amber Heard, but that she was the one who was violent towards him–however it could be a no-win situation for the actor as the details and evidence of the case are dragged out for the media all over again.

“This is not a case about money. It is about vindication,” Depp’s lawyer said in opening statements about the case, yet insiders believe Depp would be better to not drag the controversy out for longer.

Disney has announced a new entry in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise Depp has long been the backbone of–this time with Margot Robbie at the head of a woman-led cast. A source referenced by THR suggested that producer Jerry Bruckheimer would like to acknowledge Depp’s popular character in the upcoming film, but that Disney was resistant while Depp was still a controversial figure.

Not much information is yet available on the new Pirates film, other than Robbie’s casting. It is apparently separate from the rebooted Pirates movie that’s tapped Chernobyl writer Craig Mazin.