New Valorant Skins Turn Weapons Into Living Pet Dragons, But It’ll Cost You

Developer Riot Games has unveiled a new set of dragon-themed skins for its tactical shooter Valorant. The line, titled Elderflame, will be available in the game’s store on July 10–although it might be too expensive for most players.

Elderflame is Valorant’s first “Ultra Edition” skin pack and transforms a few weapons into fire-breathing dragons. It includes weapon skins for the Operator sniper, Vandal automatic rifle, Frenzy automatic pistol, and what appears to be the Judge shotgun. There is also a fiery dragon-scaled knife for five weapon skins in total. You can check out the Elderflame skin reveal trailer below.

With Elderflame, the weapons come to life as they shoot flames, make cute screeching noises while biting bullets during reloads, and use their black, scaly wings to create aiming reticles.

Previous Valorant skin bundles let you purchase the specific skin you wanted with Valorant Points, and that remains the case here. However, this skin will not come cheap.

Valorant revenue lead Joe Lee has tweeted about the price of his skin, stating that, as a four-part bundle, getting the full Elderflame experience will set you back 9900 VP. How much does that cost in real money? A lot.

As reported by PC Gamer, you can buy 11000 VP for $100, or enough to buy one part of this four-part bundle for $25. Realistically, to get the VP you’re likely looking at spending $100. Further upgrades to these skins can then be purchased with Radianite, earned through the battle pass or premium pass.

So amazing as this skin is, very few players are likely to be able to justify the expense.

The Elderflame line comes not long after Valorant’s latest patch which made reference to a new set of skins coming to the game. Also buried in the patch notes is a wrestling reference that might spell doom for Samoa Joe.

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