Noodlecake’s Top-Down ‘Rocket League’-Like ‘Motorball’ is Looking for Beta Testers on iOS and Android

Boy, time sure does fly. It doesn’t feel like it was all the way back in December of 2018 that the good folks at Noodlecake Games announced a slick new Rocket League-like game for mobile called Motorball during the awesome Kinda Funny Games Showcase, but looking at our previous post covering that announcement, it has indeed been that long. You may have thought the game was forgotten about, shoved way back in the corner of a closet never to be heard from again. But you’d be wrong. Noodlecake has simply been busy with their excellent multiplayer golfing game Golf Blitz, which launched in May of last year and uses the same online server technology that will be powering Motorball. So it makes sense you’d want take the time to make sure you’re on solid ground with that first game before releasing the next game, yeah?

Well, guess what: That is where you come in. Noodlecake is at the point in Motorball’s development where they need some beta testers to kick the tires, so to speak. (Get it? Cars? Tires?) The game will be cross-platform across both iOS and Android and so they’ll be looking for testers on both platforms. Spots are limited however, so if you’re interested in beta testing Motorball you’ll want to sign up right away over at the game’s official website. The beta will kick off in just over a week on July 2nd, and hopefully a full launch will come not too long after that. You can holler at the devs and talk more about Motorball in the thread in our forums as well.