Official Xbox Series X Wallpaper Set Released For Windows 10, Rated “E” For Everyone

Do you have a Windows 10 PC and can’t wait to get your hands on the Xbox Series X? Is the wait so unbearable that you need to stare at pictures of the system while you use your computer? If that’s the case, then Microsoft’s official Xbox Series X desktop wallpapers should help make the next few months easier.

Consisting of 16 4K images, the desktop wallpaper theme is available for free from the Microsoft store. Some of these are promotional images we’ve seen before, as you can view below, while others focus on the system’s internal workings and controller designs. They’re rated “E” for everyone, in case you were worried about Microsoft slipping in a decapitated head or rogue butt somewhere in the set.

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Xbox Series X still doesn’t have a release date or price, but Microsoft will be showcasing the system’s first-party lineup during a special event on July 23. It’s possible we’ll get more concrete details on the release date and pricing at this time, though Microsoft has not confirmed this yet.

One of the games to be featured at this event in Halo Infinite, which is also scheduled to launch alongside the system this holiday season. It will release for Xbox One and PC, as well, with cross-play between the platforms, and Microsoft’s Smart Delivery program will make it easier for players to get their Xbox One games upgraded to Xbox Series X for no extra charge.