Orbit is Open for Business – Orbit.Industries Launches into Open Beta from Feb 17th!​​​​​​​

Enter the billionaire space race in Klabater’s strategic orbital building sim as it heads into Open Beta

Warsaw, Poland | February 15th, 2022 – Klabater is over the moon to be launching the Open Beta from February 17th to March 20th. is a strategic building and management sim that gives you the tools to create and run space stations in an orbital sandbox on the fringes of explored space. Inspired by science fact and fiction from Interstellar to SpaceX, is being built for space enthusiasts by space enthusiasts. The goal of the beta? To gather as much player feedback as possible.


Terraform Distant Worlds

Play 3 different campaigns in’ single-player mode. Each campaign is set above a different planet where players need to build an orbital terraforming platform to transform the planet below into a habitable and resource-rich world ripe for colonization.

Manage Risk and Resources

Make your station as profitable and efficient as possible. But overload your production lines in the pursuit of maximum efficiency and you’ll increase the probability of errors and malfunctions, including fires and hacking attacks! Remember to build safety measures such as sick bay modules and repair drones to keep your station air tight and operational while it expands.

Play Creatively, Play Endlessly

Creative mode allows players to build their stations with absolute freedom. All technologies are already unlocked from the beginning and there are no constraints on money or time! Endless mode has no set objective. Progress normally through the game, build new modules and systems, earn money through projects and unlock new technologies to grow your space station into an orbital behemoth, getting ever bigger and more efficient!

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