‘PAKO Caravan’ Blends Classic ‘Snake’ Gameplay with the Vehicular Mayhem of the ‘PAKO’ Series, Coming this Thursday

We’ve been covering Tree Men Games’ releases for a long time across the original vehicular mayhmen game PAKO – Car Chase Simulator and its sequel that arrived a few years later in 2018 in the form of PAKO 2. Both games have been getting updates over time adding new modes and PAKO 2 was quite a big release for the team given the game’s scope. It was followed by PAKO Forever with even more cars to unlock. This week Tree Men Games are releasing PAKO Caravan which is a brand new game blending classic “snake” gameplay with the vehicular mayhem of the PAKO games. Your aim in PAKO Caravan is to collect trailers to grow your caravan longer and try to not crash into yourself. Watch the trailer for PAKO Caravan showcasing gameplay below:

I love interesting takes on the classic snake gameplay. Snakeybus is a nice variant on it that is available on Steam. It looks like PAKO Caravan will be another fine way to experience classic snake gameplay with a twist. PAKO Caravan is set to release on iOS and Android on September 10th worldwide. We are big fans Tree Men Games’ PAKO releases and featured both PAKO 2 and PAKO – Car Chase Simulator as Game of the Week when they released. Have you played the PAKO games yet and which one is your favourite?