Paragon, Killed By Fortnite, Lives On

Epic Games’ free-to-play MOBA Paragon never quite found the stability it needed to become successful, shutting its doors in early 2018 after being live for less than two years. Meanwhile, another Epic title, Fortnite, was flourishing–and its huge success ultimately meant that the company had little reason to keep Paragon alive. Shortly after the game shut down, Epic announced it would be releasing millions of dollars worth of Paragon assets to Unreal Engine 4 developers, and now that generosity is coming to fruition.

At least four new MOBAs are now being developed with Paragon’s official assets, PC Gamer has reported. The games include OverPrime, CORE, Predecessor and Fault, with many of them nearing a soft launch in beta or alpha phases.

Despite the overall decline of the MOBA genre, each of the new games is looking to bring something different into the mix–even while using the same game’s assets. You can see what the different games have done with the same asset sets in the trailers below.

Fault is coming to Steam Early Access on July 17, while Predecessor is launching a closed alpha on July 10. CORE, which has also been called Paragon 2, has been quiet for over a year with no new news. OverPrime is already available to download, and even held its first tournament in June this year.

Fortnite, meanwhile, continues to do very well for Epic Games–if you need help with the challenges in the current season, check out our guides.

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