Phantasy Star Online 2 Will Release With A Ragol Nostalgia Pack

As Phantasy Star Online 2‘s North American beta finally approaches, the team has announced the Ragol Edition, a pack that will include classic PSO outfits, Mag devices, accessories and more for $30.

The pack will launch with the Xbox One open beta on March 17, and is just one of many cosmetic packs that will be offered in the free-to-play game. Players on the Xbox One X will benefit from 4K graphics and an expanded UI display.

It’s no wonder Sega are catering to nostalgic players, with the original Phantasy Star Online no longer playable outside of private servers, and the wait for a PSO2 outside Japan stretching for over 8 years. Some lucky fans got their hands on the closed beta in February, but the play test lasted less than two days.

The good news for western players is that the game will release with Episodes 1-3 available, consisting of more than three years worth of expanded content, balancing, and fixes, according to Forbes. The Japanese version of the game is currently up to Episode 6, meaning western players will have much more content to look forward to.

While only Xbox versions of the game have so far been announced outside of Japan, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has said the game will not be exclusive to their platform.

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