Planet Zoo goes to South America with new DLC next week

Bring the exotic scenes of South America to your zoo with Planet Zoo’s South America Pack DLC, set to release next week.

Planet Zoo is approaching its first anniversary, giving players a greater chance to build the biggest animal sanctuary imaginable. Frontier Developments isn’t done supporting the game just yet and has big plans lined up for next week. Who’s ready to infuse the jungles of South America into their zoos? On Tuesday, Frontier unveiled the South America Pack, Planet Zoo’s second DLC pack.

The South America pack will intorduce over 250 new scenery pieces, all based on the continent’s varied landscapes. Players can also build habitats for five new animals. The DLC will include the jaguar, the capuchin monkey, the giant anteater, the llama, and the majestic red-eyed tree frog.

Doesn’t that thing just look fascinating?

The South America pack will release on April 7 and sell for $9.99, just like the Arctic Pack that came before it. If you don’t want to pony up the extra money for the DLC, that’s okay. All players will receive the free 1.2 update, which adds a slew of new features. Players will find new difficulty settings, a new genealogy feature to track animal family trees, more efficient animal feeding, increased social interacations, and other balance tweaks. It’s actually quite a robust update and Frontier has it all detailed on the Planet Zoo website.

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