10 Games With Terrible Performances

With all of the work that goes into video games, voice-acting can be one of the most important aspects. It’s performances by the likes of Troy Baker, Nolan North, Laura Bailey, Keith David, and many more that bring life to the characters that we know and love. Not every video game can boast amazing voice-acting all of the time though, either due to the budget, localization or poor direction. Let’s take a look at 10 games with some of the worst ever performances.

Deep Fear

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Among the many quality horror titles lost to history, Sega’s Deep Fear definitely warrants a mention. Despite Resident Evil still being at the height of its popularity, Deep Fear’s tale of ex-Navy SEAL John Mayor as he investigates The Sea Fox submarine and Big Table facility for mysterious parasites still earned praise.

With excellent sound design and music, the latter composed by Kenji Kawai of The Ring fame, what could possibly kill the horror mood? The voice acting, unfortunately. It comes across as monotone at times and downright corny at others, marring the dialogue and any sense of tension. Plus the less said about DuBois Amalric, the designer of The Sea Fox and Big Table, the better.

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