Bren Victress Interview: "I was watching things on YouTube and MLBB adverts popped up"

Bren Victress Interview: “I was watching things on YouTube and MLBB adverts popped up”

Bren Victress Interview: "I was watching things on YouTube and MLBB adverts popped up"

With the inaugural MWI currently underway, we caught up with a few of the players from Bren Victress to find out a bit about the team.

headline photo courtesy of Bren Esports

Hi there. Would you quickly like to introduce yourself for us?

Hello, we are Krish and AshQT from Bren Victress.

Awesome, so let’s get right into it. So, Bren Esports is a massive name in Mobile Legends. They are known in both the local MPL and across the globe. Now we see Bren Victress – when did this team form and how long have you been playing together?

Krish: Bren Victress was formed 2 years ago, but they unfortunately disbanded. In December, this new roster reformed. So, we have only been playing together for around two months.

We know that you have been causing a stir in a few local community tournaments. Have there been any that stand out above the rest?

Krish: We competed at Squad Up! Athena recently and finished in third place. That tournament was really hard.

MLBB has been around for some time now, and it’s definitely beginning to take the world by storm. When did you yourself first start playing the game

Krish: I started playing MLBB in Season 5, which was all the way back in 2017.

As a follow up, what was it that attracted you to the game?

Krish: I was watching things on YouTube and MLBB adverts popped up. I was really interested straight away, so I downloaded the game and started playing.

Do you play any games other than MLBB – either mobile or console/PC

Krish: I do play some Grand Chase.

What you hope to achieve for 2022 in Mobile Legends?

Krish: For now, we are just really confident in this tournament and know we can take the win.

From what we see in MPL, MSC, and the World Championships, we are always expecting more female players on teams as there is not a massive skill gap between male and female players. Do you think that we will start to see more females in teams and players in the big tournaments moving forward?

Krish: I think women can definitely play in these tournaments and we are sure that there will be a lot more in the future too as they get noticed more with tournaments like MWI coming up.

It’s great to see women’s tournaments for MLBB gaining traction, and players being noticed. Do you have any advice for the upcoming female esports players?

AshQT: For those aspiring to get to the top, just stay the course and play the game all the time. Keep widening your hero pool and playing your best.

And lastly, we are sure that there are tons of both PH and MLBB fans watching this weekend and cheering for you. Do you have any words for your fans (and any potential fans that could be watching too)?

AshQT: We would like to say thank you for supporting us from the start and for cheering for us at MWI 2022.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions, good luck for the MWI, and we hope to see you guys excel.

Bren Victress are currently participating in the first ever Mobile Legends Women’s Invitational 2022, where they are facing off against a host of amazing female teams from around the Southeast Asia region. You can catch all the action over the weekend as they look to make it through the playoffs and into the grand finals after a fantastic display in the Group Stage.


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