Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 Reloaded Brings Rebirth Island Changes

Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 Reloaded Brings Rebirth Island Changes

In Season 2 Reloaded, a new version of the Warzone map Rebirth Island will be coming. The map will now be named Rebirth Island Reinforced, which is fitting considering all the new defensive changes headed its way.

The announcement has this lore give regarding the changes:

As Operators trained up through Iron Trials, Perseus has begun reconstructing Rebirth Island’s security measures from the shorelines inward. And while the sun shines brighter on the island — Operators will notice sunnier and clearer skies — the better visibility is clouded somewhat as you learn to navigate around brand-new areas.

With two ships docked in harbors, a Stronghold completely revamped, and the prison yard developing underneath the iconic — and repainted — water tower, this is Rebirth Reinforced.

You can expect the Stronghold changes to entirely revamp that location on the map, with the changes being given as:

The first is an extended checkpoint gate, complete with a set of garages, an administrative building, and a walkway over the main booth. Expect to find plenty of Supply Box and item spawns, as well as opportunities for close-quarters engagements.

The other is a radar building (replacing the lone communications tower) on a raised circular concrete platform. Towering over the security area, this comms station includes an observational deck with great sightlines out to the Base Camp and Living Quarters areas to the northeast.

Players can expect new modes to accompany these massive Warzone changes, with Rebirth Resurgence Solos adding in the same respawn-enabled deathmatch mode with a solo twist. Rebirth Payload will have players undertaking the usual escort/attack game mode with a 12v12 lobby. Rebirth Blood Money works like previous mode Plunder, except it no longer matters how much money your targets have on them, you’ll still be getting paid.

While those are some major changes to Warzone, Vanguard players aren’t ignored and will be getting a new 12v12 mode called Arms Race.

You can see all the changes coming in this infographic:

Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Changes Season 2 Reloaded
Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 Reloaded Brings Rebirth Island Changes

The changes to Vanguard will be coming in an update on March 22 at 9AM ET. Warzone will be getting the season 2 Reloaded update a day later at 9AM ET on March 23.

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