Death Stranding Director’s Cut PC release date and upgrade path detailed

Death Stranding Director’s Cut PC release date and upgrade path detailed

Death Stranding Director’s Cut PC release date and upgrade path detailed

505 Games has announced the release date for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut on PC. The expanded and enhanced version of Hideo Kojima’s latest game will be out on 30th March 2022, and there’s positive news for those who have already bought the original version of the game: you can upgrade to the Director’s Cut.

The standard price for Death Standing Director’s Cut will be $39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99, but if you already own the game on PC, then just like with the PlayStation 5 release of the Director’s Cut, you can upgrade for $9.99. Oh, and if you don’t have Death Stranding yet, it’s currently on sale for £16.49 with 70% off until 3rd February.


Pretty obvious, you might think, but some feared that 505 Games might fall into the same trap over upgrades that they did with Control Ultimate Edition. The one important thing to note is that you can only get the upgrade pricing by having the Death Stranding base game bought and installed on your PC.

Death Stranding on PC was already able to hold many technical advantages over the original PS4 release, with unlocked frame rates, DLSS upscaling and more built in, as well as the camera mode and more. The Director’s Cut adds support for Intel’s new Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) system as an alternative to DLSS. It’s more than that though, right?

While Hideo Kojima himself was pretty non-plussed about the idea of releasing a Director’s Cut, his team did dredge up some ways to expand on the experience that shipped in 2019. There’s evolved stabilisers, the new cargo Catapult, the upgraded Buddy Bot and more to help you get across the world. If you’re struggling with the game’s combat, then the firing range lets you practise you weapons skills and train and compete for high scores in virtual play areas. There are new weapons including a Maser Gun which can stun enemies for a prolonged period. Boss battles can be replayed. and a new score system will let you see your global ranking.

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In our review of the PS5 version of the Director’s Cut, Tuffcub said, “Death Stranding Director’s Cut is not a Director’s Cut, it’s Death Stranding Plus Some Frivolous Extra Bits, but for five quid or ten dollars you can’t really complain. If you’ve never played the game then you are getting the best version, so it’s win either way.”

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