Dragon Ball The Breakers Preview – Rock the Villains

Dragon Ball The Breakers Preview – Rock the Villains

Asymmetrical multiplayer games are all the rage right now and Dragon Ball is getting in on the action with Dragon Ball The Breakers. Featuring a 1 v 7 system, Dragon Ball The Breakers has seven civilians trying to escape from one of Dragon Ball Z’s infamous villains (Freiza, Cell or Buu). I only got to play as a civilian (survivor) during my session which seems like it’s going to be the bulk of most people’s experience with the game. The goal is to find pieces to power a time machine that will allow you to escape the villain (raider) who’s here from another timeline.

My time saw me scouring buildings for resources, finding things like senzu beans or rocket launchers to defend myself with, all while hiding from the player flying around as Cell. The raider player can permanently destroy sections of the map to make it harder to find the pieces you need for the ship, which is a pretty cool/horrifying sequence to see occur as the area they target erupts in lava. At one point I was scavenging a building while a fellow survivor was doing the same in an adjacent building, and at some point they were discovered by Cell and they were absorbed which allowed Cell to evolve into his next form. I unfortunately did not survive my time in Dragon Ball The Breakers, but I left the game with a lot more interest in seeing how the full product plays since there’s definitely some fun to be had here.

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