EVE Online Universe To Expand With Two Upcoming Projects

EVE Online Universe To Expand With Two Upcoming Projects

At Fanfest 2022, developer CCP Games hosted an EVE keynote presentation. Within the presentation, they teased two upcoming projects both set in the universe of their MMO, EVE Online.

The first of these two projects is an online tactical first person shooter being developed by CCP Games London Studio. This game will be set in New Eden, the setting of EVE Online. The game is still in pre-production and still considered unannounced, so no big details will be known until the full reveal at a later date. All they have said on it is that “CCP is committed to offering an innovative multiplayer shooter with atmospheric visuals.”

The next project, currently named as Project M5, will be a free-to-play 4X strategy mobile game “being wholly developed by” CCP Shanghai. “In Project M5, players must work as a team to battle opponents for interstellar supremacy.”

That’s a not all. The press release further explains:

Project M5 takes key components from EVE Online, such as teamwork, fighting, territory control, politics, etc., and reinvents them to create a true mobile strategy experience set in New Eden.

For those perhaps unfamiliar with the term “4X strategy” it is something more akin to the Civilization series, where you build up your side over the course of the game. The 4X refers to the four objectives of explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate.

Project M5 is also currently in pre-production. However, CCP Games will be “conducting player tests this year but will not be launching in 2022.” This means gamers excited for an expanded EVE Online universe will certainly see much more of Project M5 later this year.

There is some released concept art to feast your eyes on, though.

CCP Shanghai Project M5 Concept Art
EVE Online Universe To Expand With Two Upcoming Projects

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