Ghostwire: Tokyo Launches March 25, Showcase Announced

Ghostwire: Tokyo Launches March 25, Showcase Announced

The preview showcase airs tomorrow.

Ghostwire Tokyo
Ghostwire: Tokyo Launches March 25, Showcase Announced

Announced in June 2019 during Bethesda Softwork’s press conference at E3, Tango Gameworks CEO Shinji Mikami and creative director Ikumi Nakamura announced the action-adventure horror game Ghostwire: Tokyo. Today, Sony announced that the game is scheduled to launch on March 25 for the PC and as a one-year timed exclusive for PlayStation 5. A video showcase for the game will air on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel tomorrow, February 3, at 5 PM EST.

Along with the release date, Sony has also announced that Ghostwire: Tokyo‘s Deluxe Edition will launch three days early, and will give buyers some bonus in-game content including the Shinobi Outfit, Kunai Weapon, and Streetwear Fashion Pack.

Publisher Bethesda Softworks originally intended to release the game in 2021, but Ghostwire: Tokyo was delayed in July to early 2022. The title follows other popular Tango Gameworks horror games including The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. Shinji Mikami founded the studio in 2010 and it was acquired by ZeniMax Media in the same year. Mikami began his career at Capcom, directing the first installment of the Resident Evil series in 1996 and the first installment of the Dino Crisis series in 1999.

Ghostwire: Tokyo will see players using various psychic and paranormal abilities to defeat ghosts and spirits haunting the neon streets of Tokyo. The main character fights using what Combat Director Shinichiro Hara describes as “karate meets magic,” as players will use special hand gestures to cast spells.

The game begins after nearly all of Tokyo’s residents vanish, and otherworldly spirits–called ‘Visitors’–invade the city. As the protagonist Akito begins to notice his own strange powers starting to manifest, he encounters a group of people wearing Hannya masks who may help unravel the mystery of what’s going on in the city.

Ghostwire: Tokyo will release worldwide on March 25 for PC and as a timed console exclusive for PlayStation 5. Announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2021, Tango Gameworks is already working on a new title with the director of The Evil Within 2.



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