Grand Theft Auto VI Leak Has 90 Videos of Footage

Grand Theft Auto VI Leak Has 90 Videos of Footage

Grand Theft Auto VI leaks have made their way to the forefront of the internet, giving everyone a supposed look at the next segment of the GTA franchise. This isn’t the first leak, but this might be one of the biggest, and industry leader, Jason Schreier has confirmed the validity of the leaks.

Like any leak, it’s been hard to contain for Rockstar Games with thousands of users across dozens of platforms posting the videos. There is footage of cars and their interior, people able to walk around or even rob a gas station. The videos show off AI systems in work as well as the new engines and builds.

There is even footage of how quickly the new game can handle transitioning your character in-game.

The leaks seem to confirm the rumors of a fictionalized Miami and feature a playable female character. Some of the videos last a few minutes while others only seconds, but amassed together, the combined footage is around 50 minutes.

The leaker has promised to leak more footage and gameplay, but as to be expected Rockstar Games and parent company Take-Two Interactive are doing everything in their power to issue copyright claims. It’s likely a losing battle as the leaked footage is shared over and over again.

The leaker has even posted a response to their own leak looking to “to negotiate a deal.”

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