Gundam Evolution is Now Available on PC

Gundam Evolution is Now Available on PC

Bandai Namco Online’s free-to-play multiplayer shooter Gundam Evolution is now live for PC in North America, Europe and Japan (with some parts of Asia still to receive access). The team-based shooter features 12 mobile suits from various properties across the franchise, fighting it out in three unique 6v6 modes. Check out the launch trailer below.

Each mobile suit, whether it’s the Gundam RX-78-2, Barbatos or Marasai, has unique abilities. Some excel in melee combat, while others are more suited to long-range combat. In addition to the base roster, there are five more mobile suits to unlock, including Gundam Unicorn and Mahiroo. Season 1 will also add four new maps.

New mobile suits and customization items are unlocked with Capital Points earned by playing the game or EVO Coins, which cost real money. Of course, one can unlock everything and receive four Weapon Skins, four Unit Skins and an Ornament by purchasing the DX Edition for 4180 EVO Coins.

Gundam Evolution launches on November 30th for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. Stay tuned for more details and updates in the coming weeks.

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