Halo Infinite Bug Fix: An Error Occurred While Searching For Players

Halo Infinite Bug Fix: An Error Occurred While Searching For Players

With the launch of Halo Infinite multiplayer, Xbox players are sure to be busy inviting friends, drifting in Warthogs, and headshotting rivals. The game is off to a fast start, already climbing to impressive heights on Steam and Twitch–and presumably Xbox, though those numbers aren’t available. Some players, however, are being met with an error screen on occasion, reading: “An error occurred while searching for other players.” It’s a fairly common issue, though thankfully has a rather quick fix too. Here’s what to do if you encounter this error message.

If you boot up Halo Infinite and find yourself obstructed by this “searching for players” error message, it’s likely that you are playing on Xbox Series X or S, because the issue stems from the game’s server connection being severed when you leave it in Quick Resume for too long.

How long exactly? Well it seems to happen if you exit the game but leave it running for about 30 minutes or so. It seems after that, you’ll be disconnected from the Halo servers and then met with this error message when you try to resume online play.

But the fix is simple: Exit out of the game and remove it from your Quick Resume section in the Xbox dashboard menu, then reopen the game. It’s not ideal, since Quick Resume is a much-touted exclusive feature in the console space, but it’s also not that uncommon among always-online games. You’ll likely see it happen in things like EA Sports titles and Fortnite too, though in the latter’s case, the game is able to refresh itself without needing to close.

The fix for this Halo Infinite bug is just a simple reset.
The fix for this Halo Infinite bug is just a simple reset.

In the future, Halo Infinite might offer a better way to work around this flaw as well, but for now, a quick reset of the game should suffice. Soon enough, you’ll be back in the action and ‘nading the enemy.

While the Halo Infinite launch has been mostly smooth sailing, many fans are disappointed in the battle pass. If you’re among them, here’s some help on how to level up the Halo Infinite battle pass, as well as a complete overview of what’s there to be earned in Halo Infinite Season 1, which will stretch until May 2022.

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