Here’s an Elden Ring PSA About Stormveil Castle’s Gatekeeper

Here’s an Elden Ring PSA About Stormveil Castle’s Gatekeeper

It’s been over a week since Elden Ring has released, and players are still finding out secrets and tricks to navigating the game’s harsh, but beautiful, massive open-world — especially when it comes to earning and holding onto valuable runes. This includes everything from places to avoid to even characters that you can and can’t trust in the game.

One such character players should know about is a certain gatekeeper in Stormveil Castle. Once you arrive at this destination, you’ll run into a creepy guy located in the room next to the Stormveil Main Gate Site of Grace who tells you to use a side path instead of the main gate.

You’ll probably need to use this path to enter Stormveil Castle at this point, even though it’s a dangerous one that’ll likely get you killed a few times. But that isn’t even the worst part.

Elden Ring Stormveil Caslte Gatekeeper
This is what he looks like, though this is the location he is in after defeating Godrick.

The worst part is that when you go back to get your runes after each death, you’ll be short for some reason. That’s because the Stormveil Castle gatekeeper follows you and steals a percentage of your souls. The crazy part is you can’t even see him doing this. To avoid this, simply kill the creepy bastard and continue to explore the castle at your leisure.

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