How to Pre-Download Dying Light 2

How to Pre-Download Dying Light 2

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Here's how to pre-download Dying Light 2.

Here’s how to pre-download Dying Light 2. / Photo courtesy of Techland

Pre-downloaded Dying Light 2 is the best way to make sure you’ll be able to play the game as soon as it launches. Although some retail copies of the game have made their way out into the world, it isn’t actually meant to launch until Friday, Feb. 4. Techland has asked players not to play these early releases and wait for the patch it plans to deploy on launch day.

Provided you haven’t gotten one of these early releases, you’ll have to wait for launch day to play. Here’s how to pre-download the game and get in as quickly as possible when it launches.

On Xbox consoles, Dying Light 2 is already available for pre-download. You’ll have to have the game pre-ordered, but if you do, you can pre-download by following these steps:

On PlayStation consoles, you’ll be able to start pre-downloading Wednesday night at midnight. To do so:

PC pre-downloading becomes available at the same time as PS4/PS5 pre-downloading. To do it, head to your Steam or Epic Games Store library, find the game, and click “pre-load.”


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