How To Rebirth In NBA 2K23

In order to achieve the Rebirth award among other rewards in NBA 2K23, players will need to find Ronnie 2K. What players don’t know is his various hiding spots around the city. Here’s how to Rebirth In NBA 2K23 along with the various awards players can earn along the way.

Ronnie 2K offers different rewards based on the player’s overall rating. Each overall has its own tier and a new location for Ronnie 2K to hide. Players can’t use their maps to find him as he will not be listed on them. Here are all Ronnies’ hiding locations, and required reward tiers.

65 OVR reward and location

Ronnies first location will be located outside the North Side Knights territory It’s located northeast of the City map, just outside the Subway station. Ronnie 2K will be next to a dumpster. Talk to him after obtaining an overall of 65 and players will be rewarded with a Ronnie 2K & Sophie t-shirt.

75 OVR reward and location

The second location once 75 overall is reached is above South City Vipers territory in the southwest of the City map, this time directly in front of the Subway. He’s by the 2K station. Now players have the ability of Spawn Location. This allows players to choose where they spawn when The City is launched.

88 OVR reward and location

Ronnie 2K is now near the North Side Knights territory close to the nearby subway stop. At 88 overall and gamers can now play shirtless on blacktops.

90 OVR reward and location

At 90 overall Ronnie 2K will be outside the South City Vipers entrance, Players can now earn the last reward tier, the Rebirth reward. The Rebirth ability gives the player the chance to make another MyPlayer but starting off this time with 30 badge points and a cap of 90 overall.

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