How to use First Aid Kit in Project Zomboid

How to use First Aid Kit in Project Zomboid

There are many little things you need to do to survive in Project Zomboid. There are many skills to level, and gear to find; there are tons to build as well. Players can learn to build bases with carpentry, or to make complex electronics. But as you play all over the world of Knox County, you will get into some dangerous situations. But much like real life, not everything is all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes you get wounded. And with the various healing items you have for options, you need to find them first.

Unlike what other games have conditioned you to think, this game handles things a bit differently. The healing items in this game are not used directly, as they rely on having to combine things together to treat various wounds. The ability to heal things like deep wounds and other terrible injuries depends on using various disinfectants and tools to keep wounds clean. You need to be able to stitch and bandage up wounds as well.

What is a First Aid Kit in Project Zomboid?

Like boxes and backpacks, First Aid Kit in Project Zomboid are actually containers. But if you were wondering if you could use First Aid Kits as a heal item, the answer is no. First Aid Kits in Project Zomboid are just containers for medical supplies Storing supplies inside of First Aid Kits also reduces the weight of the supplies. The same is true with other containers. And since you need to carry around various healing items on your zombie adventures, you will need to cut back on the weight.

How to use First Aid Kit in Project Zomboid

A first aid kit has a weight limit of 5 and can spawn containing a range of medical items. Although the name and spawnable items would suggest it can only hold medical items, it can actually hold any type of item, just like other bags. To see and use the contents of a first aid kit, it must first be equipped, just like other equippable containers.

The one good thing about this is that they can also contain various useful healing items. Here’s a rundown of all the current items that can potentially spawn in a found first aid kit.

  • Adhesive Bandages
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Bandage
  • Bottle of Disinfectant
  • Cotton Balls
  • Scalpel
  • Scissors
  • Surgical Gloves
  • Suture Needle
  • Suture Needle Holder
  • Tweezers

Where to get a First Aid Kit in Project Zomboid

The process of actually finding these boxes can take some work. So use the list below to find out where you can most often find these boxes.

  • Pharmacies – These retail locations are the most common place to find various medical components, including First Aid Kits in Project Zomboid
  • Medical clinics and offices – Various medical buildings exist, such as dentists and named locations like Cortman Medical and Rosewood Medical. These are great sources of healing items.
  • Certain vehicle trunks – Mostly Ambulances and Fire Trucks have these first aid kits. Just get into the driver seat to pop the lid and search them.
  • Bathrooms – Medicine cabinets in some homes have a small chance to spawn with medical items and sometimes, they even have First Aid Kits.
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