[LIVE] Complexity go up 1-0 versus ENCE; Astralis-Heroic & MOUZ-HEET goes to OT

[LIVE] Complexity go up 1-0 versus ENCE; Astralis-Heroic & MOUZ-HEET goes to OT

20:48 Astralis take Heroic to overtime; HEET comeback to force OT versus MOUZ

It seemed as if all three series would wrap up their first maps at the same time, but two of the matches have been pushed to overtime. Complexity were the only ones to close things out in regulation as the won Overpass 16-11 against ENCE, while HEET completed a comeback from a 7-15 deficit to force a set of extra rounds.

The Danish derby meanwhile has been a back-and-forth brawl, an initial lead from Astralis dwindling as Heroic managed to push back and claim match point first before Lukas “⁠gla1ve⁠” Rossander‘s side won round 30 to move into OT.

19:38 Overpass will be the battleground for Astralis-Heroic and Complexity-ENCE

The vetoes are in and play is already underway on the final day! Heroic have elected to start off the Danish derby against Astralis on Overpass, and Complexity have picked the same battleground versus ENCE. HEET, meanwhile, have taken MOUZ to Ancient. Check out the vetoes below!

1. Heroic removed Dust2
2. Astralis removed Vertigo
3. Heroic picked Overpass
4. Astralis picked Inferno
5. Heroic removed Mirage
6. Astralis removed Ancient
7. Nuke was left over

1. Complexity removed Mirage
2. ENCE removed Inferno
3. Complexity picked Overpass
4. ENCE picked Nuke
5. Complexity removed Vertigo
6. ENCE removed Dust2
7. Ancient was left over

1. HEET removed Mirage
2. MOUZ removed Dust2
3. HEET picked Ancient
4. MOUZ picked Inferno
5. HEET removed Overpass
6. MOUZ removed Nuke
7. Vertigo was left over

18:30 Astralis, Complexity lead the charge for final playoff spot in Group C; ENCE in danger

Two teams have already locked in playoff berths heading into the final day of Group C at ESL Pro League Season 16, leaving just one spot up for grabs between a trio of teams.

The overall standings will still shift depending on results of today’s matches, but regardless of the outcome, Heroic and MOUZ have confirmed top three finishes for themselves while HEET are completely out of contention, residing at the bottom of the group with a 1-3 record.

Europe MOUZ: 3W-1L
Denmark Heroic: 3W-1L
Denmark Astralis: 2W-2L
North America Complexity: 2W-2L
Europe ENCE: 1W-3L
France HEET: 1W-3L

Complexity, Astralis, and ENCE all have a chance to snag the final spot in the playoffs, the former two teams coming into the final day of play with 2-2 records, and Marco “⁠Snappi⁠” Pfeiffer‘s side entering the fray with a 1-3 record.

gla1ve’s crew have the most clear-cut way of securing playoffs

As a result, ENCE‘s odds look by far the most grim, with just one scenario out of eight allowing them to advance to the playoffs.

ENCE require three specific results today, including HEET taking down MOUZ

The only way ENCE can advance is if they beat Complexity, Heroic beat Astralis, and HEET manage to upset MOUZ. Any other scenario or result in any of the given matches would guarantee ENCE are eliminated.

Complexity are also on shaky ground, and need to score a win over ENCE to have a shot at making the playoffs. On top of that, they would need Heroic to take down Astralis, which would guarantee Johnny “⁠JT⁠” Theodosiou‘s side a third place finish in the group.

The most volatile of the trio are Astralis, who can finish anywhere from first to sixth depending on how the matches play out today; however, they are also the only team out of the three who have their fate solely in their hands.

Astralis simply need to beat Heroic to ensure themselves a top three finish

If Astralis win their match, they would ensure themselves a playoff spot, and in two scenarios — if HEET beat MOUZ — they could even top the group.

Even with a loss though, Astralis can still advance: if ENCE beat Complexity and MOUZ defeat HEET, gla1ve’s side would win out in tiebreaker scenarios. If HEET manage the upset in that scenario though, then ENCE would steal away the spot and knock Astralis out of contention.

MOUZ are also in pole position to lock in a first place finish in Group C, requiring a win with any scoreline over HEET. To stay up to date with how the final round of matches are unfolding, you can check back in with our live post throughout the day.

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