Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope Will Have Three DLCs, One Focused on Rayman

Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope Will Have Three DLCs, One Focused on Rayman

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is, like its predecessor, getting post-launch content, which will include three DLC packs including one focused on Rayman.

Revealed at Ubisoft Forward 2022, creative director Davide Soliani showed new gameplay featuring one of the main game’s quests before confirming that players seeking more content following Sparks of Hope’s launch will receive just that.

“This cosmic journey will not stop at launch,” said Soliani. “We have so many wild ideas that we want to explore in the coming year.”

Very little else was said about the DLC, with Soliani admitting that it is a bit too early to reveal anything major, but he did tease that the third expansion will be focused on and feature Rayman as a playable character.

The mission featured during Ubisoft Forward showed off Mario and the gang fighting an angry Wiggler aboard a train, using a series of different special attacks and abilities to take down the big beastie.

Sparks of Hope, a Switch-exclusive strategy mash-up, was announced last year and is aiming to be the Mario Galaxy to the first game’s Super Mario World.

Soliani explained: “Our first thought was, ‘hey, it’s a spiritual sequel of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’ – but we are not designing [it] as a sequel. The team is back – Rabbids, Peach, Mario are back – but the Mushroom Kingdom alone was not enough, so the whole universe of Mario + Rabbids has been expanded on a cosmic level.”

We awarded the original Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle a 7.7 review, saying that “its absurdist charm works against the odds and it’s far more difficult and meatier than you probably think.”

You can catch up on everything announced at today’s Ubisoft Forward event with our full roundup.

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer. He’ll talk about The Witcher all day.

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