MLB Playoffs 2022: World Series Winner Odds

MLB Playoffs 2022: World Series Winner Odds

The Major League Baseball season is nearing its end. The regular season has less than a month to go before the playoffs begin. 

The MLB Playoffs 2022 will start on October 7 with six teams from each league (AL and NL) making the postseason. The regular season will finish on Wednesday, October 5 and the playoffs will start two days later.

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The playoffs will begin with four wild card games being played. The wild card teams will receive only one day of rest before playing in the postseason.

The MLB 2022 Playoff format is different from what fans have seen in recent seasons.

  • Six teams qualify for the MLB Playoffs in each league.
  • There will be three division winners and three wild card teams based on the best winning percentage.
  • The top two teams in the AL and NL receive an automatic bye and will progress to the division series.
  • The wild card playoff series are best-of-three games. The higher-seeded team will host every game. The third division winner will host the lowest-seeded wild card team. The top two wild card teams will play each other.
  • The division series is a best-of-five game format. It will have the traditional 2-2-1 home-field format. The No. 1 seed team will play the winner of the No. 4 vs. No. 5 wild card series. The No. 2 seed will play the winner of the No. 3 vs. No. 6 wild card series.
  • The MLB Playoffs reseed the teams after each round of play.
  • The League Championship Series and World Series are best-of-seven games format. Teams will play the traditional 2-3-2 home-field format in the final two rounds of the MLB 2022 Playoffs.

As of September 19, just two MLB teams have clinched a place in the playoffs. The Los Angeles Dodgers won the NL West and will likely be the No. 1 seed in the Senior Circuit.

The Houston Astros have clinched a playoff place in the AL. The remaining five playoff places in each league are still up for grabs.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the favourite to win the MLB World Series this season. However, the MLB Playoffs are a different animal than the regular season.

The Dodgers reached three of the last five World Series but won the Fall Classic just once. There is no guarantee the LA Dodgers will win the Fall Classic.

The Houston Astros also reached three of the last five World Series. Like the Dodgers, the Houston Astros won just one of the three World Series they reached.

Here is a look at the latest MLB World Series 2022 Outright Winner Odds according to Bet365. Odds are accurate as of September 19.

World Series Outright Winner Odds

  • LA Dodgers +300
  • HOU Astros +350
  • NY Yankees +500
  • NY Mets +625
  • ATL Braves +700
  • STL Cardinals +1400
  • TOR Blue Jays +1600
  • SEA Mariners +1800
  • PHI Phillies +2000
  • TB Rays +2200
  • CLE Guardians +3000
  • SD Padres +3300
  • MIL Brewers +5000
  • CHI White Sox +6000
  • MIN Twins +8000

Who will win the World Series?

The LA Dodgers are an easy pick for the World Series. However, last season reminded us that a team can come out of nowhere to win the series. The Atlanta Braves shocked the baseball world by winning the Fall Classic.

With six teams qualifying for the playoffs in the AL and NL this season, the path to the World Series is filled with landmines.

Still, the Dodgers and Astros have reached the World Series in three of the last five seasons respectively. Donโ€™t be surprised if either, or both, make the postseason once more.


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