MLB The Show 22 Crossplay: Nintendo Switch debut still gets Cross-Platform progression

MLB The Show 22 Crossplay: Nintendo Switch debut still gets Cross-Platform progression

MLB The Show 22 has officially been announced, and that’s quickly raised questiosn about whether the crossplay we saw last year will return.

Even as they jump to a fifth platform for the first time ever, here’s everything we know about MLB The Show 22 crossplay and the return of cross-platform progression.


Will MLB The Show 22 have crossplay?

MLB The Show 22 has finally been announced, and it’s hitting more platforms than ever before this year. Of course, that has immediately reignited a burning question: will it have crossplay?

The answer is yes! MLB The Show 22 will indeed have crossplay once again, and in a stunning move we’ll even have crossplay to Nintendo Switch.

That makes it possible to crossplay between Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, which is truly groundbreaking for sports gaming.

MLb The Show 22 crossplay

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CONNECTED: MLB The Show 22 will bring all five platforms together

Other major franchises like Madden 22 and NBA 2K22 have still not properly implemented crossplay, and MLB The Show 22 continues to set a higher standard this year.


MLB The Show 22 will officially release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch on April 5, 2022 with crossplay at launch across all five systems.

Cross-Platform Progression returns for Nintendo Switch debut

Cross-platform progression is not new to MLB The Show or sports gaming, but once again they’re taking it to another level with MLB The Show 22.

While some gaming franchises have cross-platform progression between next gen and current gen on the same console family, MLB The Show 22 will have it between all five platforms.

As of now, it looks like players will be able to jump between a standard home console and playing it in portable mode on the Nintendo Switch seamlessly, which is a huge step forward in making these systems work with each other.


One big piece of that puzzle will be internet connectivity, as we don’t know yet exactly how much connection will be required to play.

This could limit Switch users to certain game modes if playing without an active internet connection, but ideally it’s an issue that should then resolve once you’re back on an internet connection.

MLB The Show 22 users will get to see the majority of their equipment and stubs accessible across any of the five platforms with cross-platform progression, but there is one small catch.

Stubs purchase through the store will be exclusive to their given platform, so you’ll have to use any purchased stubs only on the platform which they were purchased through.


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