Pokemon GO Daily Incense Announced

Today’s Pokemon Direct has been an exciting one for players of Pokemon GO and those purchasing Scarlet and Violet. One thing that will definitely pump up GO players is the introduction of the new Pokemon GO Daily Incense. This piece will go over the details of them, along with other tidbits from that segment of the direct.

What is Daily Incense?

Daily incense is a special upgraded version of the incense item that the developers added to the game today. As the name suggests, the game gives it to players every day. The item works for up to 15 minutes. Trainers can also use it to summon Pokemon that are not usually found in local areas.

An Easier Way to Get Legendary Pokemon?

The title doesn’t lie. Supposedly, players can also use the daily incense to summon legendary Pokemon. This gives them a chance to acquire them without needing to use their daily raid pass, buy a premium pass, or rely on others around them for raids. While legendary raids are fun and one of the best ways to bring players closer together, having legendaries also accessible through the use of daily incense will also help people who have social anxiety get them in a more comfortable way. Daily incenses will also save people money and deter in-app purchases. Seriously, do not spend money on raid passes and premium passes.


Pokemon GO daily incense is most definitely one of the features that would’ve been great to have early on in the game’s release. While one can still progress well and participate in a lot of raids, seeing that Pokemon GO has been willing to be accommodating during the pandemic, and now the addition of the daily incense, gives evidence of its capacity to accommodate many player personalities. Though the game right now is very reminiscent of the get-up-and-go style it has always had, players can hope that the daily incense is around for good.

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