Pokémon GO November Research Breakthrough Rewards

Pokémon GO November Research Breakthrough Rewards

Niantic and Pokémon GO recently revealed November’s Research Breakthrough rewards. This announcement came earlier than expected this year, but it is never too soon to start anticipating its release.

Currently, September’s Research Breakthrough reward is one Premium Raid Pass along with fighting and psychic-typed Pokémon, Medicham. The rewards for October and November were released at the same time. In October, trainers will be able to earn an encounter with bug and ghost-typed Pokémon, Shedninja.

These bonuses are earned by completing a Field Research quest every day. Quests give trainers stamps, and after obtaining seven stamps trainers will have access to the Research Breakthrough rewards.

Starting Nov. 1, at 5 p.m. ET, trainers will have a chance at encountering a Starmie. This water and psychic-typed Pokémon debuted in the game during its launch in 2016. Though it is accessible, by chance, through the wild, trainers can guarantee to add this generation one Pokémon to their collection by completing the daily Field Research quests.

Additionally, during this month, players can earn a Star Piece. For 30 minutes, Star Pieces increase the amount of Stardust received by 50%. Stardust is essential for trainers in powering up their Pokémon, trading, unlocking second charged attacks, and purifying their Pokémon.

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