Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How To Earn Money Fast & Finally Afford All Those Inventory Upgrades

Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How To Earn Money Fast & Finally Afford All Those Inventory Upgrades

Here’s how to afford the biggest expense in Hisui.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How To Earn Money Fast & Finally Afford All Those Inventory Upgrades
Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How To Earn Money Fast & Finally Afford All Those Inventory Upgrades

Your puny inventory is worst part of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. If you explore too long in the wild, you’ll eventually fill your inventory — you’ll have to fast-travel to a camp, then slog back to where you were exploring before. Thankfully, you can expand your inventory space pretty easily. There’s just one downside. You need an absurd amount of money to fully unlock all those upgrades. Really, you should ONLY be spending money on inventory space upgrades in the main campaign. You can craft everything else.

Even if you’re saving all your money, it still won’t be enough for the inventory upgrades. Each inventory space upgrade is purchased individually, and the price goes up after every single purchase. Once the prices get beyond 1,000 per purchase, you’ll have to spend big money for even a small space upgrade. You’ll need lots more money in the end-game, but there’s one way to earn a ridiculous amount with very little effort. If you’re sick of hunting for items and just want to buy everything, this is a powerful method for earning lots of lot.

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Inventory Space, Getting More & Earning Money To Buy More

How To Upgrade Inventory Space: Inside Galaxy HQ, talk to the NPC to the left near the stairs. Talk to them, and they’ll sell you inventory space upgrades. They start at 100, then increase in price for each upgrade. Eventually, they become very expensive.

Getting inventory space upgrades is the easy part. Affording them is hard. Here’s a very simple method for earning plenty of cash for the rest of your playthrough.

How To Earn Infinite Cash | Treasure Farming Guide

At about the mid-point you’ll reach the Cobalt Coastlands. A mission will send you to Deadwood Haunt in the south. This shipwreck area is populated by something you might not realize — crates full of items. By throwing Pokemon at crates or chests, you’ll collect the items inside. These items range from useful items like Pokeballs to valuable items like the Big Nugget.

The Deadwood Haunt is a good place to get items, but an even better location is found in the Coronet Highlands. Once you unlock the Summit Camp, you can easily farm for high-ticket items that sell for lots of cash.

  • After unlocking the Summit Camp in the Coronet Highlands, travel through the Sacred Plaza and drop down the cliff to reach the Celestica Ruins. Run through the ruins and break open all the crates and chests by throwing your Pokemon to them. You can throw faster by swapping Pokemon as you move.

Look for the Shiny Chests most of all. They often drop Big Nuggets which sell for 10,000. You’ll also find tons of other useful items, including Evolution Stones or other rare items. Sell everything you collect and keep what you want. You can complete a circuit around the Celestica Ruins in a minute or less. Five minutes of farming, and you can have enough cash to earn 80,000~ from a seller. If you’re lucky, you can earn more.

That makes this one of the most efficient methods for earning tons of cash in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It just might be the most efficient method available so far. And you don’t even need to beat the game.

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