Skull and Bones Insider Program Invites Players to Test the Game

Skull and Bones Insider Program Invites Players to Test the Game

Skull & Bones developer Ubisoft Singapore seems to be finally making some progress with their game. They’ve announced the Insider Program that will let a select number of players get their hands on an early version of the game before it’s released.

What is the Skull & Bones Insider Program?

Skull and Bones Insider Program

The Skull & Bones Insider Program is an “on-going live testing initiative” where selected players will be able to get their hands on early versions of the game to test them in “real conditions”. The aim of the program is for the developers to get “real data and feedback”, so they’ll be monitoring players as they try out the game in whichever way they want and whenever they want. They’ll also be asking for opinions on how those players feel about the game.

Players who are interested in joining the program need to bear in mind the early game is likely to have plenty of bugs and issues. The group of players chosen to take part will initially be quite small as the team sets things up and starts receiving feedback. Participants will be subject to the Ubisoft Code of Conduct as well as a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement. As such, all feedback will be given through “dedicated channels of communication”.

Skull & Bones has been in development for several years already and has reportedly been rebooted twice. We’re not even sure of the game’s current direction although it is now a “multiplayer first” game. Those wanting to take a chance can apply to join the Insider Program via the Ubisoft website but testing is only on PC for now.

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