Slow-Paced Simulation Game Drago Noka Announced

Slow-Paced Simulation Game Drago Noka Announced

Today Japanese developer GeSEI unkan and publisher Playism announced the slow-paced city-builder simulation game Drago Noka.

The game lets the player create their fantasy village on the back of a massive dragon after the surface of the world has been overrun by monsters.

It’ll release on PC via Steam in 2022 and below you can check out some screenshots featuring the game’s charming pixel art style and an official description.

“Freely manage your village atop the back of a dragon

The surface has become overrun with giant beasts and destructive vermin, leaving an uninhabitable world in their quake. Humans had to get creative and now… they live on the backs of dragons! Develop your very own village, gather various materials, and create new items with your very own hands. Relax and enjoy the peaceful village life while soaring high in the sky atop a dragons’ back.

Invite new villagers with various skill sets

Gather and settle in new villagers with unique skills and personalities. Let them mix and mingle, work together, and build together. Enrich and develop their lives and who knows…you may even start a family!

Live a busy but liberating life

Take on many different jobs like farming, forging, fishing, sewing, cooking, crafting, and even breeding of giant dragons! Create the world that you desire while taking care of your villagers.

Prepare for battle with other dragons

As peaceful as village life is, one must be prepared for the fight ahead as your dragon is not the only dragon in this world…Prepare to fight fire dragons, wind dragons, ice dragons, and more! Their very existence threatens the tranquility of your village. Be prepared for the inevitable fight!”

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