Streamers are playing Modern Warfare 2 live right now

Streamers are playing Modern Warfare 2 live right now

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Activision have made the call to let the streamers loose on this year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (opens in new tab) a day before the beta begins. As part of their stream today they’re revealing Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, and part of that is a sprawling multiplayer match involving dozens of streamers.

The official stream (opens in new tab), embedded above, has a suite of commentators from the community and Infinity Ward jumping between spectator mode on several groups. Go ahead and jump in live to see some kind of incipient gunsmith-fueled shotgun/SMG meta developing—at least in the half hour I’ve been watching.

Both Twitch (opens in new tab) and YouTube (opens in new tab) have Modern Warfare 2 hub pages for you to hunt down a streamer you like if you’d rather find a streamer you prefer to the official commentary. It’s an absolute buffet, with several dozen streamers in several languages.

The action is pretty entertaining, especially on specific streamers’ channels. Seeing people who play a ton of CoD work through updates, changes, and tweak things like field of view to get a better experience. For them it’s literally their first hands-on with a game they’ll play for hundreds of hours over the next year, and this is a rare moment to see their live first impressions.

Infinity Ward also unveiled DMZ (opens in new tab), a new extraction mode coming to Warzone 2.0 that sounds a lot like Hunt: Showdown and Escape from Tarkov. You can hit our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 page (opens in new tab) for an aggregate of everything going on with the upcoming game.

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