The PSLS PS5 Restock Update for March 14, 2022

The PSLS PS5 Restock Update for March 14, 2022

It’s Monday, which means it’s the start of a brand new week with potential PS5 restock news. It’s already off to a great start for both US and UK retailers, with restocks confirmed or expected. Keep reading for all of the latest info in this PSLS PS5 Restock Update for March 14, 2022.

Which US stores have PS5 stock for today, March 14?

ps5 restock march 14

US PS5 Console Restock Update

For today, March 14, 2022, Walmart is definitely the US retailer to watch. PS5 (and Xbox Series X) systems will be sold online at 9 AM PT (via @Tracker_RY). They will only be available to Walmart+ members (not those using a free trial).

For those that haven’t already signed up, be sure to register here to purchase a PS5 console directly from PlayStation. Monitor those emails for the magic drop.

The last PS5 drop was on March 11 when Target restocked.

  • Walmart – Drop scheduled for today!
  • Best Buy – Select stores may have stock over the weekend.
  • PS Direct – PSN users can register here for a chance to buy.
  • GameStop – Drop occurred on March 11.
  • Amazon – Expected restock overdue. Could be a drop at any moment!
  • BJs – Bundle restock happened on January 19.
  • AntOnline – Bundle restock happened on January 27.
  • Target – Drop expected soon!

US PS5 Accessories Restock Update

While new PS5 systems are still difficult to get ahold of, Amazon has a bunch of next-gen accessories in stock. Click the above links to check out the PSLS picks.

Though new PS5 consoles are still tricky to get ahold of, peripherals for the next-gen Sony system are easier to find. Check out the above links for some of our accessory highlights.

Which UK stores have PS5 stock for today, March 14?

ps5 restock march 14

Last week was huge for UK PS5 drops. Argos, Game, John Lewis, Smyths Toys, AO, and Very all had stock. That bodes well for this week, beginning March 14.

For now, however, the best chance of getting a PS5 in the UK is through signing up for a chance to buy a PS5 directly from the PlayStation Store. PSN members based in the UK, US, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg can register their interest here.

In other PlayStation news, The Crew 2 is getting a 60 FPS patch on PS5 ad Xbox Series X. Elden Ring is apparently missing big chunks of lore in some localized versions. A new Sly Cooper game is reportedly being developed by Sucker Punch.

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