TLMC #16: Finalists and Voting

TLMC #16: Finalists and Voting

February 2nd, 2022 09:01 GMT


The judging is complete and the sixteen finalist maps for Team Liquid Map Contest #16 have been determined!

Voting will be open from February 2nd to February 8th. Also make sure to check out the TLMC Tournament hosted by Wardi, where progamers will test out the sixteen finalist maps. The TLMC tournament will run throughout the voting period.

Some notes as we unveil the maps:

  • All maps are accompanied by comments from the map-maker.
  • The maps are listed in random order and do not reflect their score in judge voting.
  • First, three maps were selected per category, Then, four “judges picks” selections were given to the remaining maps with the highest scores.


+3 Judges’ picks

  • Guidelines: Medium sized map. Players tend to have more flexibility on these maps to open with a wider variety of strategies and/or builds.
  • Average rush distance (main ramp to main ramp): 33-38 seconds. (Note: Not a hard restriction. Could be more or less)
  • Playable map dimensions guidelines (not full map dimensions): Map playable area should be approximately between 15,000 and 17,000. (Note: Not a hard restriction. Could be more or less)

Cosmic Sapphire

By: MiloOnFire

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingThis map has four high ground expansions with respectable chokepoints, but securing a fifth and a sixth base will pose a challenge to players. Destroying the rocks will be crucial for mobile armies to gain control over the middle part of the map.

Some distinctive features of the map:

  • Safe and secure four initial expansion, but very vulnerable 5th and a 6th base.
  • Gold Base in the corner.
  • Destroying rocks in front of the natural expansions opens a straight path to the enemy.
  • Xel’Naga spots the army heading towards the triangle 3rd.

Tropical Sacrifice

By: Legan

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingControl the three bridges in the middle or go a long way around the sides through bushes.


  • Three bridges at the middle are chokey but give direct attack paths between two sides. Controlling them forces the enemy to use a longer route.
  • There are LOS blockers in two more open areas to break vision.
  • There are two rows of LOS blockers on the direct low ground path to base at 10/4 o’clock.
  • There are chuke rocks on the ramp straight in front of the linear third bas. Removing them opens a more direct attack path to the base from the side.
  • There are 6×6 rocks on the ramp in front of the triangular third base. They increase the defensiveness of the base.


By: -NegativeZero-

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingThis is a very standard map. Expansions are relatively easy to secure, as each of them except for the forward low ground base only adds one additional choke to defend. The direct route passes through the smallest chokes, while the outer paths are wider.


  • Standard expansion layout with easy to defend bases
  • Three narrow chokes along the rush path, surrounded by more open areas

Lost Facility

By: Skypirinha1

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingStandard Map with a direct lowground path to the opponent partially obscured by debris and line of sight blockers which is surrounded by high ground areas. Bases are not difficult to take and hold but have some air space to be harassed from.

Features: No unusual features, Overlord pillar at the natural can’t see gases and natural ramp only barely. Comfortable sized reaper ledge and slightly more airspace around the main.


By: volumin

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingA map with 8 bases per player, furthest expansion have one rich vespene geyser. There’s a small mineral wall between forward base and triangle 3rd to provide optional pathway.


  • forward base very close to the natural, but with vulnerable mineral line
  • small mineral wall between forward base and triangle 3rd to provide optional pathway, additionally at forward base one mineral node is moved to let bigger units pass
  • Xel’Naga Tower between forward and rich vespene bases hidden behind LOS blockers


By: themusic246

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingA diagonal symetry battlefield with a direct path from natural to natural. Winding paths break up expansions and attack routes as the game progresses.


  • Guidelines: Map favors early aggression and offensive play.
  • Average rush distance (main ramp to main ramp): 33 seconds or less. (Note: Not a hard restriction. Could be more or less)
  • Playable map dimensions guidelines (not full map dimensions): Map playable area should be approximately between 14,000 and 16,000. (Note: Not a hard restriction. Could be more or less)

Frost Giant

By: -NegativeZero-

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingDescription: This map is small and has a short rush distance. To help compensate, the direct path to your opponent passes along three narrow bridges that the defender can use to help hold off early attacks. Pairs of rocks can be destroyed to open up wider paths later in the game, but doing so will also reduce the attack distance to your own expansions.


  • Small map size, low base count
  • Narrow bridges along direct attack path
  • Rocks must be destroyed to open late-game attack routes.


By: Superouman

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingTwo protoss factions are cohabiting in this small rush map. A stream divides the map in two but there are 3 ford passages and 2 bridges that let players move across it.


  • While being a small rush map, the first few expansions are reasonably defendable.
  • During the lategame, because there are only 6.5 bases per player, both player will expand close to each other.
  • For the decoration, there is a small stream that runs across the map and ends with a nice waterfall. There are 3 ford passages and two transparent bridges over the stream where units can move across.


By: Superouman

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingThe direct path between the two players is overlooked by two Xel’Naga towers. Controlling both these towers is difficult so the gameplay around these areas is dynamic.

Two watchtowers oversee the main path. It is not possible to control both towers at the same time.


+1 Judges’ pick

  • Guidelines: A map that favors defensive play and encourages players to reach end game unit compositions.
  • Average rush distance (main ramp to main ramp): 38-43 seconds. (Note: Not a hard restriction. Could be more or less)
  • Playable map dimensions (not full map dimensions): Map playable area should be approximately between 16,000 and 18,000. (Note: Not a hard restriction. Could be more or less)


By: KillerSmile

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingMain and natural are exposed to air harrass, but the initial 4 bases are easy to secure, with a winding path to the opponent through the lowground, that can be shortened by destroying rocks. On the sides there are watchtower above a rich gas base, that help against proxy tactics, but don’t cover too much of the map.


By: themusic246

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingRocks break up the more direct paths on a map that allows for a variety of expansion patterns. Technological growth has finally become uncontrollable and irreversible.


By: Marras

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingMoondance is a map with a lot of bases but a short rush distance. A pocket third offers players a safe expansion but it has less mineral nodes than a regular base and only one gas geyser

Features: 9 bases per player, pocket base has 6 mineral nodes and one gas, other bases are standard. Rush distance is short. There are rocks on some of the ramps and los blockers on the lowground areas. No fancy features.

Emerald Princess

By: Skypirinha1

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingWhile early bases are easy to take, it will get considerably more difficult to take further bases, The Rocks in the middle block a quick path across.

Features: 2 large rocks near the center block pathways with acelleration zones. Once destroyed the path to the other side of the map is quicker. reaper ledge(s) and Overlord pillar allow good but not too easy scouting. This way early game is safe, but the midgame gets accelerated.


  • Guidelines: Maps in this category explore new ideas for how StarCraft II can be played. This category is intended for unorthodox, outside-the-box maps.
  • Examples of features that might be included in this category:
    • Heavy or atypical usage of backdoor entrances with Mineral Walls/Reduced Mineral Patches.
    • Usage of Vespene Geysers as potential gates.
    • Inhibitor and Accelerator Zones.
    • Non-standard numbers of Mineral nodes or Vespene geysers at bases (Restriction: Values of each individual resource node cannot be adjusted)
    • Other strongly non-standard map designs.
  • Playable map dimensions guidelines (not full map dimensions): Map playable area should be approximately between 14,000 and 18,000. (Note: Not a hard restriction)

Centuries Later

By: Superouman

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingDescription: There was a thriving megalopolis here, before the Dominion decided to annihilate it.
This map has a major twist: A second entrance to the starting base can be opened by mining the triangle third base. The triangle third base has two additional mineral fields with a value of


  • The main base has a backdoor that is blocked by the minerals of the triangle third
  • The triangle third has 2 additional mineral fields that have a value of 200.


By: depressed1

TLMC #16: Finalists and Voting-Aftermath is a mixed up map you might want to play because it doesn’t have certain rules on how to set up the third.


  • 4 levels
  • Golden base
  • Low-ground base with large acceleration zone
  • A Mineral line like a front line to separate players from each other
  • Definitely (possibly) a way not to take the triangle third and take the bottom corner base (or golden base)
  • The rocks were used to organize the passage through the gold. Kinda neat.


By: Marras

TLMC #16: Finalists and VotingStargazers offers the opportunity to either play standard games or make things a bit more spicy by opening up the path through the pocket natural.


  • There are 12 blue maps in total plus one gold base at the 6 o’clock position
  • The pocket naturals have a standard amount of minerals and gas but the base is blocked by two mineral nodes with the value of 10 per each
  • The minerals blocking the ramp leading from the pocket natural have a value of 40 each making opening up that path a big commitment if done by the attacker
  • Line of sight blockers are situated in the middle area and the bottom of the map
  • The Xelnaga Tower at the 12 o’clock position can see a little bit of the outermost parts of the pocket natural mineral lines.


TLMC uses a voting system where voters assign points to their top five maps in order of preference. Please follow these instructions when voting:

  • You may only vote for a total of FIVE (5) maps.
  • Among your top five maps picks, assign your points/votes as follows:
    • Highest rated map: 5 points
    • Second highest rated map: 4 points
    • Third highest rated map: 3 points
    • Fourth highest rated map: 2 points
    • Fifth highest rated map: 1 point
  • You may only assign each specific point value once (only one map can be awarded 5 points, etc).

Vote Now!

Public voting via determines the final rankings in TLMC #16. All sixteen finalists, as selected by the judges, receive $200 per winning entry. The top five entrants, as determined by public vote, will be awarded additional winnings as follows:

First – $800
Second – $500
Third – $250
Fourth – $150
Fifth – $100

Maps that place high in TLMC #16 are not guaranteed to be added to the competitive ladder. ESL and Blizzard will reference TLMC #16 and other map-making competitions, and choose which maps to add at their own discretion.

Prize money has been provided by Shopify and ESL, and we thank them for their support of the map making community.

Voting is open for

TL+ Member

Finland225 Posts

Congrats to finalists and thanks to the judges and administration team.

Has been while since my last finalist. Feels great.


Germany2206 Posts

Congrats to all the finalists, very well done
And thank you to the judges as well, who took their time to look at the maps

MaxPax | Reynor | Clem


Finland62 Posts

Happy to have two maps in top 16 this time around, overall all finalists are looking nice, good job everyone! TLMC #16: Finalists and Voting

1v1 ladder maps: Romanticide, Lightshade, Deathaura, Ever Dream, Nightshade, Disco Bloodbath & Winter’s Gate


United States4 Posts

— Nuked —
If Rejuvenation doesnt win i call rigged “:D”

pro cheese man / Its never Sunny in Finland. Perkele / FinnishStarcraftTrivia


England25 Posts

Thank you to all of the judges and the organizers for making it happen! Let’s go, Wardii ! Tournament will be epic.

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Germany56 Posts

Congrats everyone! Looking forward the most to games on Aftermath and Cryogenian. Gonna be interesting.

Germany14326 Posts

From the pictures I like Frostgiant, Tropical Sacrifice and Sunforge the most but I will have to open them in-game and watch the tournament games for a more qualified opinion

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Poland3 Posts

Congrats to all finalists! Big thanks to the team and the judges for all the work! Off to the WardiTV we go!

36 Posts

Congrats to all the finalists! I really like Milo’s maps, shame only one made it through. My favorite maps aesthetically of the ones that made it through are Waterfall and Lost Facility, but I’m not sure how all the vision blocking with Lost Facility will turn out in practice. I’m concerned about the lack of meaningful air space around the main and the pocket bases on some of the maps and what it will mean for balance. I think pocket bases tend to favor Protoss in general, although Stargazers seems to have a lot of other things that make it Zerg favored. Cryogenian’s triangle third being so easy to defend and the lack of airspace I fear will make it Protoss favored.

I’m perfectly capable of being wrong, though.


Sweden3620 Posts

Very nice maps, big congrats to all map makers!

Earth, Water, Air and Protoss!


776 Posts

My favorites

Rush – Crygenian, it reminds me of Blackburn and we’ve seen some really fantastic games on that map, I like the expand up and down thing.

Macro – Tough one, I personally think Moondance looks just aesthetically amazing but it looks like it would be really strong for Zerg run byes and harassment. Singularity I think looks a bit more balanced, more chokes on the expansions will let Protoss and Terran expand a bit safer. Plus, it’s still a great looking map.

Freestyle – Wow Stargazers just looks amazing, what a great looking map. Really hoping this one makes it into the pool.


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