What We Played #540 – Gran Turismo 7, Elden Ring & Horizon Forbidden West

What We Played #540 – Gran Turismo 7, Elden Ring & Horizon Forbidden West

Another week in the books, and it would seem like the world is mostly playing Elden Ring. I made a somewhat silly decision to play Demon’s Souls to prepare for it, and now I’m really enjoying that. I might get to Elden Ring by the summer? I have also been loving the Switch-exclusive Triangle Strategy, which is the perfect thing for Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem fans, but i’m now waiting for Gran Turismo 7 to drop through the door and then I can annoy everyone in my household by putting a steering wheel in the middle of the the living room.

Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2, but it’s new stuff so we can let him off, and he has been hard at work on our in progress review of The Witch Queen. Personally I think we should shift to an all-poem format like his Destiny 2 one from last week.

Jason has played more Elden Ring. He says, “since finishing the game I’ve booted up another playthrough and have been discovering a lot of extra dungeons and areas that were tucked away in places I guess I didn’t notice.”

Elden Ring Review NPCs

It was Gareth’s birthday on Sunday and he’s now playing Horizon Forbidden West. He says, “It’s big and shiny. Before Sunday I was playing Red Dead 2.” A belated Happy Birthday G!

Also playing Horizon Forbidden West is Nic B, though this is “despite being furious that yesterday’s update knackered my game. It trashed 24hrs worth of save data and added icons to the map for the firegleam I’ve destroyed. Am well unimpressed.” I’d be rather unimpressed at that too…

Nick P got his plat on Sifu which is “one of my toughest to date. Loved it overall and really sad it’s over. Then I got started on Elden Ring which has been just *chef kiss* I’m not far in, but I am being as thorough as possible.”

Jim has played loads more For Honor this week as he perfects his Zhanhu skills. He tells us, “I sometimes get anxious spending so much time playing online games when there’s a backlog of single players titles just waiting there. However, For Honor continues to be great fun and I’ll likely take the plunge in buying premium access to the next battle pass.”

babylons fall starter tips

Aran has played lots of Elden Ring and is slowly but surely getting better at it as I go. “I really like the open world and how you can go do something else if you get stuck in one place. I’ve also played some Babylon’s Fall for review.”

Steve has played another shed load of Steam demos, more Chocobo GP than is humane, and a bunch of Elex II saying it’s “typical Piranha Bytes fare but looks prehistoric compared to other open world games. Got Elden Ring and the interesting looking Martha is Dead lined up but Elex just keeps on going through the same motions as the first one. Think I’m getting old…”

Ade played Roguebook for review. He says, “It’s a roguelike deck builder, which, I’ll be honest, sounds very boring but it was excellent and a highlight of 2022 so far. I’ve also got Horizon lined up, but only had chance to play a little bit. There’s been a lot of recap exposition to trawl through but I’m looking forward to getting stuck in proper.”

Meanwhile Miguel played Apex Legends, Rune Factory 5, a bunch of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and a decent chunk of Vampire Survivors too!

Gran Turismo 7 GT7 Multiplayer

Finally we come to Tef, who’s been bingeing on an unending diet of racing games for the past few weeks. First there was GRID Legends, then Assetto Corsa Competizione rocked up, and now he’s been able to share his thoughts on Gran Turismo 7. Even when he’s previewing Kirby and the Forgotten Land, he’s racing around with a car jammed into his mouth!

Enough about us, what have you played?

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