Wild Rift's Horizon Cup heads into the knockout stage

Wild Rift’s Horizon Cup heads into the knockout stage

Wild Rift's Horizon Cup heads into the knockout stage

Wild Rift’s Horizon Cup has seen a grueling Group Stage come to an end, with four teams being eliminated from the event today.

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On November 13, Wild Rift’s first ever international tournament begun, as the Horizon Cup saw its Group Stage kick off. For all ten teams involved, this would be their chance to show the world that they were the best at Wild Rift – but competition was fierce and only a total of six teams would make it through to the knockout stage. Today, as the Group Stage came to an end, those four eliminated teams were decided, with some struggling to ever get off the mark.

Group A saw Tribe Gaming and TSM being the two teams sent packing, as the North and South American teams were unable to keep up with the strength shown in this group. Early on, SBTC Esports seemed as though they would be the ones eliminated, as they swiftly lost their opening two series – but once they took down Tribe and TSM, their fate was sealed. Oddly, the elimination of these two teams coincides with the two teams eliminated from Group B, leaving only Southeast Asian, South Korean, Japanese, and Chinese teams to fight for the top spots.

As mentioned above, the teams eliminated from Group B were not those from SEA, China or Japan – but, unfortunately, the European Team Queso and South American roster of eBRO Gaming. Although they played a final series on the final day of Group Stages, eBRO were technically eliminated on Day 3, having lost their opening three series. For Team Queso, they were looking to fly the EU flag for Wild Rift high, but a loss to Sengoku Gaming would see them also dropping from the event.

With the Group Stage now over, we go straight into the knockout phase – where second and third place from each group will face one another, while the two first-place teams will have a one-series bye, as they await their opponents in the semi-finals.

There is even more to play for now, with eliminations just a single series away, and we can be sure to see a lot more epic Wild Rift action from the Horizon Cup as every series up until the Grand Final becomes a best-of-five.

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