Wordle Fans Can Now Play Older Puzzles Thanks To Wordle Archives

Wordle Fans Can Now Play Older Puzzles Thanks To Wordle Archives

Wordle Fans Can Now Play Older Puzzles Thanks To Wordle Archives

While it could be argued that part of the allure of Wordle–the five-letter word game that’s taken hold of the internet the past month–is its exclusivity, we don’t blame anyone who just can’t get enough. Luckily for players looking to lose themselves in the art of letter deduction, there are actually a few ways you can keep the game going without having to wait 24-hours.

As reported by Lifehacker, Devang Thakkar, a fourth-year doctoral student in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at Duke University, has developed an archive that allows players to test their might at all previous Wordles. Over at Remembrance of Wordles Past, users are given an interface that looks a lot like Wordle with a few additional options: “First,” “Previous,” “Choose,” “Next,” and “Last.” These buttons allow players to cycle through puzzles and try ones they might have missed out on.

However, Thakkar isn’t the only Wordle fan to develop a way for players to relive past puzzles. Noah Metzger is another fan who has developed a similar archive, albeit with a slightly different layout. In Metzger’s archive, users are able to scroll through a list of puzzle options–complete with their original release dates–until they find the one they’re looking for. Just like Wordle, it also keeps track of what puzzles players have solved and in how many guesses, allowing you to add up these past puzzles to your current score and maybe even bolster your right to brag.

And hey, if you’re feeling really cheeky–and I do mean cheeky–you can also check out the unofficial and very NSFW Wordle spin-off Lewdle. As mentioned on the game’s homepage, Lewdle is a game about “rude words” and pulls its word bank from vulgar and obscene language. If you’re the type to shy away from a game of Cards Against Humanity, this one might be best to avoid.

If you’ve yet to give Wordle a whirl, be sure to check out GameSpot’s guide on the best starting words and other techniques that might give you an edge.

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