Xbox Series S: New Bundle Gets Fortnite and Rocket League Goodies

Xbox Series S: New Bundle Gets Fortnite and Rocket League Goodies

Xbox Series S Bundle
Xbox Series S: New Bundle Gets Fortnite and Rocket League Goodies

With Black Friday fast approaching, Microsoft has just unveiled its first-ever Xbox Series S bundle. The new holiday bundle will include in-game items for popular free-to-play games Fortnite and Rocket League.

The new bundle comes with 1000 V-Bucks for Fortnite, 1000 Rocket League Credits, and the “Midnight Drive Pack” for each game. Fortnite‘s Midnight Drive Pack contains the Dark Skully Outfit, Dark Skully satchel back bling, and the Dark splitter pickaxe.

Meanwhile, the Rocket League Midnight Drive Pack comes with the Purple Masamune Car, Purple Virtual Wave boost, and Purple Zefram wheels. Both games are free-to-play on Xbox and other platforms so the extra content will give players some cool items and credits to get started in the games.

News of the bundle comes just days after it was revealed that the Xbox Series S has been Microsoft’s best-selling system in many key markets. The Xbox Series S has also been matching the Xbox Series X in other markets with a 50/50 sales split. With Microsoft still struggling to get the Series X in stock, it makes sense for the company to focus its holiday efforts on the, almost, readily available Series S. Microsoft has released the special edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X bundle that comes with a limited edition console and the game. However, that bundle is even harder to find than the normal Series X, which means it is basically impossible to get one. It is even commanding a premium on eBay over the already scalper-priced regular Xbox Series X.

At the time of writing, Series S consoles seem to be out of stock once again online at most retailers. Once retailers start to get the new bundle, Series S stock should hopefully begin to return back to normal.

The console with the extras will retain the console’s original $299.99 price point and is available from today in the US. It will be available in other territories from next month.



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