Zero X Pro [Hardware] Review – Zero or Hero?

Zero X Pro [Hardware] Review – Zero or Hero?

With the Zero X Pro Infinix have created a budget smartphone that is far above average in many areas, but falls flat in a fair few others. But when the word ‘budget’ is flung around that’s always bound to happen.

Getting the Zero X Pro out of the box it’s hard not to be impressed however. Boasting a flat AMOLED display, it feels solid to handle despite its significant size.

The Nebula Black model we were given to test boasts a dotted glass pattern, providing a eye-catching holographic effect. This isn’t as tacky as you might expect, and the unit is also refreshingly free of too many logos and the like.

There’s a volume rocker, power button, a 3.5mm headphone jack (fairly rare on smartphones now), and a USB-C charging port. You can also stick in a microSD card via the phone’s Dual SIM capabilities – a very welcome addition.

So from a purely physical perspective the Zero X Pro ticks every box – where it comes undone somewhat is under the hood. This is not a powerful smartphone, and Infinix using their own XOS operating system doesn’t help. Yes it’s basically Android 11, but with some slightly unnecessary tweaks. 

Zero X Pro [Hardware] Review – Zero or Hero?
Zero X Pro [Hardware] Review – Zero or Hero?

Using the system for your average tasks is never a problem when it comes to lag, but we did notice some overheating whenever we played a graphic-intensive game for any expected period of time.

This isn’t a massive issue, but what is is the battery life – which we found to be lacking straight out of the box. It barely lasts a day under any form of intense use, which is pretty poor all round. One minor saving grace is that the phone powers back up quickly if you’re using a 45W charger.

Then finally there’s the camera. The Zero X Pro has a 108MP wide-angle camera, 8MP ultra-wide lens, and an 8MP periscope telephoto lens. This is an unusually fully featured set-up for a budget smartphone, and the AI mode helps you take some pretty impressive snaps.

Overall the Zero X Pro is neither hero or zero – it’s very much stuck in the middle. The disappointing battery life tempers the unit’s impressive look and solid camera, although the price will certainly be right for some. 


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