ZZZero Becomes Full Time Tournament Organizer

ZZZero Becomes Full Time Tournament Organizer

Hello guys,

It’s probably one of hadests posts I’ve ever done! It’s time for my tl;dr post.

1. Introduction:
I am the organizer of BSL – Bombastic StarLeague. I’ve organized two online and one offline event back in 2013 – 2014. After SC: R came out I resurrected BSL and extended the format to the international arena. As the tournament developed and its popularity grew, I added newer and newer improvements to the tournament format, production level, promotion etc.
After organizing two seasons in 2017 (BSL3 and BSL4), Blizzard contacted me that they really liked my tournament format combined with high streaming levels, and they offered sponsorship. After two successful seasons (BSL5 and BSL6), we renewed our contract for four more seasons (BSL7, BSL8, BSL9 and BSL10). After this period, contact with Blizzard became almost impossible. Fortunately, eSport.Fund entered the scene, supporting BSL from season 8 till now – which gave us the basic funding for the further organization of the tournament.
A big turning point in the organization of the tournament was the BSL Season 10. Then I extended my streaming position with a second computer, which gave me the opportunity to stream the game itself, the so-called Clean Feed (sound + game + graphics / animations) for streamers in other languages ​​on one computer – at the same time, on the other computer, I organize my stream on twich, where I capture webcams, sound, and provide streaming image for English commentators. The BSL10 set a new standard and raised the bar a lot in terms of live production of the tournament.
BSL Season 10, 11, 12 and 13 was organized using the above-mentioned “technology”, with the crowdfunding from the community – while improving the format and organizational aspects of tournaments .

2. History

The last 11 seasons – BSL4 – BSL13 – were organized while I was doing my daily work. During the BSL season, which usually lasts ~ 9-10 weeks, I had every day of the week busy with work, every evening and weekend busy with BSL – which meant that sometimes during 9-10 weeks I had 1-2 days off to work. After each season I was like a Zombie.

During the organization of BSL13, I found that I will not be able to continue my daily work and also organize BSL in its current form in future. I have been wondering for a long time how I can try to reconcile my “real life” with the “esports” one. I came to the conclusion that it was impossible and I have to make a decision.

3. ZZZero Becomes A Full Time Tournament Organizer and Streamer

So I decided that I would give myself a chance and try to fulfill my dream – i.e. work in StarCraft and BSL professionally.
Therefore, from 01/02/2022 I decided to become a FULL TIME TOURNAMENT ORGANIZER.

I will not hide that it was a very difficult decision – but after long talks and deliberations with Karolcia, we came to the conclusion that I would never know if it would work out if I did not try. If I would simply say “BSL14 will be the last one” – and I would left after this, I would think for my entire life “What would happend If I would try it ?”.

Thats why the decision has been made – I WILL BE A FULL TIME STREAMER – and you will have the opportunity to watch many more streams of mine, as well as many more interesting events on my channels beside BSL:
https://trovo.live/BombasticStarLeague (follow)

In 2022, we plan to organize:
– BSL Season 14, 15 and 16;
– Regular events on Fridays on Trovo (still being established);
– Regular streams and events during the week on twitch;
– BSL 2v2 ProLeague;
– Full bo9 showmatches;
– Other events;

If my efforts prove to be satisfactory for you and I receive enough support – then I will organize tournaments for as long as it will profitable. I give myself half a year. If after this time I will see that I can’t make a good living from it – then we will simply close the BSL project and enjoy what we have achieved so far, with the knowledge that I have tried to achieve my dream ! ZZZero Becomes Full Time Tournament Organizer

If you like my work and what I do for the community and would like me to continue doing it – on a larger scale, but also be able to support myself for it – please watch my streams and support, because now I will need it more than ever. You can follow all BSL Social Media, to be up to date on what’s goin on.

Paypal: dideko.o@gmail.com

P.S. Thanks to all of you guys, that you liked BSL so much, that you gave me this opportunity to try to fulfil my dream, you are the best! Let me know what you think, and share it to your friends.

ZZZero Becomes A Full Time Tournament Organizer – Announcement

Yours professional foreigner from today,


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