PlayStation 5 Owners Are Having To Factory Reset Due To Bug

PlayStation 5 Owners Are Having To Factory Reset Due To Bug
PlayStation 5 Owners Are Having To Factory Reset Due To Bug

2020 was quite the anticipated year for the video game industry. This would be the year that we received the next-generation video game consoles and while the world was hit with a health pandemic outbreak, it wasn’t enough to stop Sony or Microsoft. Both companies were able to bring out their next-generation video game consoles into the market and fans have started to receive their pre-order units. However, there’s always a risk of jumping onto a new console especially after they are first released into the market.

New consoles usually have some bugs or issues that companies have to track down and correct in a new revision. We are starting to see some issues pop up with the Xbox Series X since it was first to hit the scene. In the past few days, we have seen reports of screws falling out of the console to loud disc drives. Now Sony has just launched their PlayStation 5 console and it’s also showing a problem hitting plenty of players.

The new problem is software-based. In a report made by IGN, it looks like there are plenty of consumers finding their downloads becoming corrupt. Users will note that the download will be stuck in the queue either not fully downloading or showing an error. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to cancel the download out and reattempt the download. Instead, it’s forever stuck in the queue which means to get the PlayStation 5 back in working order is to factory reset the console.

Obviously, no one wants to factory reset their console every time a download gets stuck. Afterward, it’s the setup process all over again and then you have to reattempt to download the game. So far there’s been no comment on what fix is underway, but this is certainly an issue Sony will want to fix as soon as possible. 

Source: IGN