PlayStation 5 Units Can Only Be Purchased Online During Launch 

PlayStation 5 Units Can Only Be Purchased Online During Launch 
PlayStation 5 Units Can Only Be Purchased Online During Launch 

2020 was the anticipated year for the video game industry. This was the year that both Sony and Microsoft had plans to bring out their next-generation video game console platforms. However, it wasn’t until after 2020 hit that the entire world was forced to endure the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. When COVID hit there was some uncertainty that there would be a launch for these consoles into the marketplaces around the world due to COVID. That’s of course not going to be the case as both platforms will be launching this month.

Still, this coronavirus health pandemic outbreak has made quite a few changes in our daily lives and it’s also bleeding into the next-generation console launches. For instance, we didn’t get to see any big in-person events this year since cancellations were made to abide by quarantine laws and the attempt to avoid further spreading this virus around. This made it a slight challenge to further market and offer insight to the consoles, but that was ultimately covered through various online streams and video uploads.

While most of us are gearing up for the launch of the PlayStation 5, there won’t be any rush to reach retailers in-person to get a unit. We knew that this would be an off start for the consoles and potential shortages around the markets, but now it looks like there won’t be any units readily available for purchase in-stores. This is a choice made by Sony as they alerted fans through the official PlayStation Blog not to attend stores prior to purchasing a unit online.

This is another means to avoid spreading the coronavirus as Sony made it to where PlayStation 5 units will only be available to those that purchase one online across all retailers. We’re not sure just how long this will last for retailers, but it’s safe to say that camping out at your favorite retailer won’t be an option this year. Instead, you’ll need to make the necessary purchase online for pick-up or to be delivered at home. 

Source: PlayStation Blog