Pokemon Sword & Shield Anime Twilight Wings Episode 3 Is A Sweet Tearjerker About Hop’s Wooloo

Pokemon Sword & Shield‘s spin-off anime, Twilight Wings, has just released its third free episode, titled Buddy. While the first episode focused on a hospital-bound boy following his dreams, and the second episode showed us more of gym leader Bea, this one focuses on Hop and his beloved Wooloo. No matter what you thought of Hop in the game, he’s a very sweet kid here.

The episode is a low-key emotional affair, as Hop’s Wooloo grows jealous of the trainer’s admiration for his brother Leon’s Charizard, and goes on a journey to try and become stronger. Milo, the first gym leader from the game, also makes an appearance.

You can watch the complete episode below–like previous episodes, it’s only about six minutes long. It’s also a surprisingly emotional affair.

Buddy is the third of a planned seven episodes of Twilight Wings, with new episodes releasing for free each month. Each one is focused on a single character in the Galar region.

Meanwhile, in Sword and Shield, several generation 1 favorites are currently available in Max Raid battles. A new legendary was also unveiled recently, a monkey-like creature called Zarude.

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