Promising Narrative Adventure Game Welcome To Elk Gets September Release Date

Welcome to Elk, a narrative-heavy adventure game with some intriguing twists, has announced a release date. The game will be available on Steam and Xbox One on September 17, letting players experience Elk Island and all the stories it holds.

The announcement trailer, below, shows how the game mixes story-telling with puzzles and mini-games, and also introduces one of the game’s most interesting elements–many of the events in it are based on real events, and the game features footage of people telling their stories.

These events are often horrible moments within people’s lives, and the trailer suggests that the game will switch tones throughout.

GameSpot previously covered Welcome to Elk in the article 6 Upcoming Narrative Games To Get Excited About. The brief playable demo we played raised a lot of questions: “Is the island limbo? What’s the connection between the real-world stories and the ones told in game? The Welcome to Elk demo was all of 10 minutes long, but I am already surprisingly invested in exploring this island.”

If you want to experience Welcome to Elk before release, you can play the recently released demo, Welcome to Elk: The First Stories, on Steam.

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