PS5: If White Is Not Your Style, One UK Company Is Selling A 24-Carat Gold-Plated Model

The PlayStation 5 is due to release later this year, and not everyone is happy with the system’s design, with its white exterior turning off some fans. But there will be at least three other colors available for the system through a third-party UK retailer–you’ll be able to buy a PlayStation 5 covered in gold and platinum.

Truly Exquisite is selling the PlayStation 5, as well as the wireless headset and DualSense controller, with a gold coating. The system will also be available in Platinum and 18K rose gold, if you’re rich but not that rich.

You can register your interest in the system on the store page, and admire the system in all its gaudy glory below. The system will be custom made, and likely won’t be available until after the system launches–and we’re not entirely sure when that will happen yet.

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This is one thing the system will definitely have over the Xbox Series X, which, as far as we know, cannot be bought with a gold coating. The PlayStation 5 is also a very big console, so you’ll be getting quite a bit of gold with this model.

If you can still afford to buy games after splurging on a gold PS5, here’s everything we know of coming to the system.